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Floor Sanding SW11 Battersea

Floor Sanding BatterseaAt our company we are occupied with floor sanding services, which we deliver in SW11 Battersea. We work from Monday to Sunday, no matter if it is a bank holiday or a workday. We are available during weekends as well. Our floor sanding service is always carried out in a professional manner.

We provide our technicians with special training on how to utilise our sanding equipment. We are very experienced as we have been in business for a long period of time. People trust us completely for their floor sanding. Make sure to call us now. You won’t regret it.

Floor Sanding Prices in Battersea
Sanding only

from £12/ m2

Sanding and 3 coats of lacquer

from £17/ m2

Extra coat of lacquer

from £4/ m2

Floor Sanding in Battersea

If you book a floor sanding service in SW11 Battersea, we will provide a quote for you. If you accept it, we will come on the specified day to renew your floors.

Reasons to call us:

  • We are fast and friendly
  • We know what we are doing
  • We have an excellent support care team in SW11
  • We use the best products and machines

Let us walk you through our floor sanding process in SW11. Stage one includes inspection of the surface. If any repairs are needed, we carry them out. We strip the old coating and nail down any nails which are protruding. During stage two we sand the floor with our modern sanding machines. We have coarse, medium and fine grits of sandpaper and use them in that order to make the surface super smooth and beautiful. Then comes stage three, during which we apply the best finishing product we have.

“From quoting to putting the finish your floor sanders were very professional, detailed and skilful in their work. They used only safe finishing products and our floor came out perfect when they were done with it. I highly recommend your sanding to everyone. Thank you for the eye-popping work you’ve done! Best regards!” – Sam

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    Floor Sanding and Polishing SW11

    Floor Sanding SW11We will recommend you a certain finish but it is up to you to decide on the final product. We apply a few coats as necessary. Then we leave the floor to dry. It may take a couple of days but after that you can walk on it again.

    During the sanding process we rid your floor of dirt, impurities and imperfections. After we apply finish, it will look like new. The surface will be shiny and even. We strongly recommend using our floor sanding and polishing service in Battersea London because we are experienced and we know how to take care of your wooden surfaces. If you are interested, we will be waiting for your call.